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Hi everyone!!
This is my gallery, mostly dedicated to my OC's and to my obsessions that are X-men and the 80's series.

It's my art stamp by minas-stamps:iconimself-taught1plz::iconimself-taught2plz:

By: :iconletter-jplz:.:iconletter-fplz:.




Decided to make one so I can know more the people who watches me :heart: 

1. For each of the first 10 people answering this journal, I will feature them in this journal with my five favourite deviations from their gallery. (Of course you need to have at least 5 deviations in your gallery...)
2. If you're featured, you need to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (in this case me) at the top and then adding your 10 features.

NOTE: This is a showcase of my watchers/friends artworks, not an attempt to make people famous, such as 'random' visitors to my page. Since I have been away, I feel a heavy fealing of leaving people behind and I want to make it up to them. This is why I'm doing this for my watchers and friends. 
1) :iconstarbreese:

One MinuteOne minute
One minute.
Take a deep breath,
And exhale slowly.
One minute.
Make a choice.
Good or bad.
One minute.
Give 100%.
Accomplish or fail.
One minute.
Dream the dream.
Live your life.
One minute.
Cry when you're happy,
So you can smile when it hurts.
One minute.
Open your eyes.
A new day is coming.
One for all 1
Fanfic of The Three Musketeers (2011)
One for all 1
D’Artagnan’s POV
The trip from Gascogne to Paris was long, so I decided to stop for a moment at the first and only inn on route to give Buttercup a few minutes of rest. In front of the inn sat a company of men who looked at me unimpressed as I approached. “For the love of God, what is that for a beast?”one of the men mumbled when I descended Buttercup and asked one of the stable boys to make sure to give my horse water.
“Apparently it’s a horse though my guess would have been a cow.”the same guy from before commented as his company laughed. I walked over towards their table. “Look, I know you all are just joking around.”I started. “But my horse, she’s very sensitive. So apologise to her.”. “And what if I don’t?”he challenged me. “Then I”ll have to fight you.”I replied. “Fight me?”he asked chuckling. “That I wan
Dark side of the moon 1
Dark side of the moon 1
Loki’s POV
“This is so boring.”my brother Thor huffed, sitting next to me. We were sitting in our respective thrones at the throne room while our parents had the one after the other audience with the people who had suffered under Asgard’s latest battle.
“Father refused to let us join the fight, why do we have to join this round of excuses then?”Thor complained further on a hushed tone. It was true, the All-Father had refused to let Thor nor me join the battle since we weren’t of the proper age yet to take part in matters of war.
“Thor.”our mother, Frigga, hushed him. “You have to have respect for the grief of your people as a prince of Asgard. Now stop moping before your father notices.”. I smirked as my brother got told off by our mother while he sighed in defeat.
“Let the next one in!”Odin’s voice boomed through the room and the guards opened up the heavy doors as a woman walke
The Copycat 1X-men fanfic
The Copycat 1
Logan looked at the girl next to him in his truck. She was unconscious. 'Why did I took her with me?'he asked himself. 'She's just a teenage girl who probably ran away from home. But she saved my life.'.
* flashback *
It was a normal night at the pub. Some guys played poker, the music couldn't be heared anymore because of all the chatting,... Indeed a normal night. Logan took a sip of his beer. It was then that he noticed a young girl around sixteen that ran outside. A couple of guys followed her. Logan stood up. When are guys in this town going to learn that it's not polite to follow teenage girls? As soon as he got outside, he noticed the sportsbag the girl had carried on the parkinglot. He picked it up and threw the bag in the back of his truck. They couldn't be far. "Leave me alone!". "That's my cue."Logan said to himself before he ran into the forest. Five guys got the girl surrounded. "I think she said she wanted to be alone.". All heads snapped towards
Mutant and Proud 1Fanfic of X-men First Class
Mutant and proud 1
Charles' POV
"You sure it's here?"Eric asked for the tenth time when I parked the car. "155 procent."I assured him. "Cerebro showed me that there are mutants living here.". My companion looked around. This wasn't exactly a neighbourhood that stood know for their hospitality and kindness. "Everyone that walks around here carries a gun, a knife or both."Eric pointed out. "I can feel the metal.". "You're not scared now, are you?"I asked with a smile. "Ofcourse not."he replied. "We're mutants after all. There's no way that a gun or a knife can stop us.". "Exactly my point."I said while I got out of the car. Eric followed me only a second later. "So... Where are we going?"he wanted to know. "The Musicbooth."I said pointing at the musicstore across the street. "They work in a musicstore?"Eric questioned. "They don't only work there, they also live there."I remarked.
Lily Rose's POV
I stood behind the frontdesk of the Musicbooth as I taped my foo

2) :iconturtlesea:
Piggut and Toot by TurtleSeaNoex doddle by TurtleSea. : Butterfly Azura : . by TurtleSea. : Poison Ivy : . by TurtleSeaRimfire X Eve by TurtleSea

3) :iconcomic-ray:
My future is Black by Comic-RaySteampunk like a Sir by Comic-RayLeosora by Comic-RayLuke Triton by Comic-RayEek by Comic-Ray

4) :iconalyx-musicalnovice:
Altair  ( unfinished) by Alyx-MusicalNovice Assassin's Creed: Modern Day RoommatesConnor Meet Alt:
"Connor! Connor! Look!" Evelyn squealed running into the room holding a moderately sized stuffed purple raccoon with large plastic eyes. Connor had currently been sitting on the couch watching a movie that Eveyln point out on Netflix last night. He looks over at her tilting his head curious.
"...what is that?" He asks pausing his movie and setting the remote on the cushion beside him.
Evelyn mock gasped as if hurt,"He is a raccoon! And his name is not 'that'!"
Connor silently chuckled at her behavior. She was known to act childish and today seemed to be a spontaneous Eveyln day. He humored her enjoying her child-like innocence. "What is his name, Evelyn?"
"...Uh.." Her brown eyes stared at the raccoon turning it to face her. Evelyn stared at the stuffed animal for a good minute before a mischievous light shone in her eyes. Suddenly  she took off straight over the couch and down the hallway leaving Connor wondering what just happened.
Unpausing his movie Connor wat
Nyx Miers ( 3/4) by Alyx-MusicalNovice MaydayMayday! Mayday!
The ship is slowly sinking
They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling
They're all around me,

She bent crouched low to the ground on her knees arms above her head sheilding the blows from landing on her. Each swing was a shuddering pain. The anger bubbled inside of her. She was so ready, so eager to get this over with. She wanted to defend herself to fight back!
Circling like vultures
They wanna break me and wash away my colors

Their scolding jeers cut her skin, made her bleed. Made her ache to the point she thought there is no lower to fall. That this was the bottom of the agonizing years. She could go no further. She cried crimson tears streaming down her cheek, through her hair. Trembling with rage and fear. So much fear had controlled her for years. Her silence throughout their stinging words was her strength...they would win. They would only ridicule her more for attempting to hold her own...They always won..
Wash away my colors

Skybreaker (finished) by Alyx-MusicalNovice

5) :iconsonicpossible00:
Love on High Seas - Chapter 1Hey there, I’m already back! As you might know already, this is the sequel to my story “Love Conquers All”. Most of you already have a good idea of what this story is about, but for those who don’t, I’ll explain it. This story will follow the adventures of Zack, Cody and the rest of the gang, and of course, London and Maddie, as they embark on a cruise around the world… I know, I know, you’re probably saying, this looks just like “The Suite Life on Deck”, well I’ll admit it, I had the idea for this sequel while thinking about how I would have written it. Since this is a cruise, the gang will visit various cities around the world, where they will live some of the craziest and most wonderful adventures ever.
Just so you guys know, I don’t plan to use Bailey on this story, because I couldn’t find a way to put her in it, without ruining the chemistry between the characters. Still, there will be new OC’s of mine
Love Conquers All 1Hey there, just wanted to tell you that I'm back with the sequel of Love is Magical. Before we start with the show, I just want to reassure everyone who read my previous story about London Tipton and Maddie Fitzpatrick's relationship that I do not own any characters from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Now, you can expect more action regarding our favourite candy-counter girl and our favourite heiress, but that's not all. This time, we will have some development regarding Zack and Cody's crushes on Barbara and Max, and new original characters, not to mention other surprises. Still, let me warn you that this story will be quite fluffy just like the previous one, but it will be darker in some aspects, and it will have a little more drama. But do not worry, because in the end, everything will end up alright. And now, on with the show…
Oh, and I almost forgot, this time, I'm dedicating this story to a very dear friend of mine… my best friend, who I hope one day may be more than
Tipton Trek by SonicPossible00Steampunk London and Maddie by SonicPossible00London and Maddie: Pirates of the Tipton by SonicPossible00

6) :iconyoujustgotanimated:
Edgar Allan Poe by YouJustGotAnimatedBloodied and Bruised by YouJustGotAnimatedNeko Sketch by YouJustGotAnimatedDoctor Who- A Different Kind of Galaxy by YouJustGotAnimatedReq: Chooma by YouJustGotAnimated

7) :iconthomasblack1:
Caught! by ThomasBlack1Will card by ThomasBlack1Barfight by ThomasBlack1In the dungeon by ThomasBlack1Bloodstripe by ThomasBlack1

8) :icondameelizabeth:
Zbrush: Chance Body by DameElizabethFrozen: Flamma by DameElizabethRedraw: The Meeting by DameElizabethFive Nights at Graphite's 2 by DameElizabethCotT: Pan by DameElizabeth

9) :iconprince-skyline:
Wiser-then-prond- by prince-skylineSimply To Assassins Having A Chat by prince-skylineZero You Good by prince-skylineFan service  CracksXJames wip by prince-skylineDont Piss Me Off! James by prince-skyline

10) :iconkingmorningstar:
This Bird was Born to Burn by KingMorningStarVanya and Luci by KingMorningStarFem!Lucifer Colored by KingMorningStarAngel Arc by KingMorningStarOutfits by KingMorningStar

Thank you all who entered this journal, I got to know a bit more of you and that makes me really happy ^_^

  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Be Prepared - Lion King
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
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I wanted to ask for a few commissions for the upcoming stories of mine and wished to have various artwork from people :)
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Be Prepared - Lion King
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Tera
Hey guys ! :D I have been lately cooking up something for the 3rd installement of my main story 'Hellbound'. This time it's time to get Egyptian! 
So far I only have Tumaini which is son of Anubis, but I need really more demigods. Specially some that might turn against the real Gods and cause trouble.
This is when you come into :)
If you have a favorite God from Egypt and you think his/her 'son/daugther' would be a good 'demigod' for the installement please said so! :D I would love to hear different opinions! 

I'll be sure to post here the story for you to read ! :)
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Be Prepared - Lion King
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Tera
.:Tumaini Runihura 2015:. by JoanaFerreiraArt
.:Tumaini Runihura 2015:.
As I promised, here's the new version of Tumaini Runihura! :D
He's up for the 3rd story of Hellbound (side-story) about Egyptian Demigods (that I will likely create) :D
Tumaini was born normal but soon he found out his life would take a turn when he saw he was 'cursed' by turning into a antromorphic jackal at night. He seeks refuse at Anubis Temple far he knew, what he would uncover there.

What's the next Egyptian God you wish to have a demigod? I'm open to 'requests'

Tumaini Runihura (C) Mine
.:2014: L'Aquila Cosplays Cosplay list:. by JoanaFerreiraArt
.:2014: L'Aquila Cosplays Cosplay list:.
All the cosplays I've done on 2014 :D this is actually the header of my facebook page:…

From left to the right:
Dark Prince | Gambit | Talon | Micheletto Corella | Leonardo da Vinci | Cesare Borgia AC: B | Cesare Borgia Manga | Cesare Borgia Cardinal | Ezio Auditore 

Micheletto Corella design was made by me.

Lets see if this year I can make as many cosplays as this ones! :D
I hope you all enjoy! :3
They're all crafted by me ^_^

Characters (C) Respective Owners


Joana Ferreira
Artist | Student | Varied
"Portugal Flag" Stamp by penaf
:bulletred:Nickname: Joana.
:bulletred:Nacionality: Portuguese
:bulletred:City: OPorto
:bulletred:Hobby: Illustrator, Crossplayer & Cosmaker
:bulletred:Likes: Playing video games, read comics, seeing 80's TV shows & paranormal activity shows such as Ghost Adventures.

Current Residence: Portugal - Porto
Favourite genre of music: House/progressive, goth music, etc
Favourite style of art: Realism and comic book style
Operating System: Windows 8
Favourite cartoon character: Altair, Ezio, Malik, Darim, Leo, Shaun, etc (Assassin's Creed); Cyclops and Daredevil (Marvel); Rumplestiltskin, Mad Hatter and Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time)
Personal Quote: Live by the creed
I wanted to ask for a few commissions for the upcoming stories of mine and wished to have various artwork from people :)
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Be Prepared - Lion King
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Tera


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